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 yes....another Newbie....
 by Kizzie - Apr 03, 2012

Hi everyone -

I recently got myself the CS5 master collection and I have never relaly used Adobe before so I'm learning like crazy

I'm trying to get my own website up and running, I will be starting my own "Quilting business" and I need a website online where I can sell items and offer my services.

Its going to be like a blog but more like a progress of what I get up to - its not going to have daily posts just when I have time.

I also want it to have a Gallery of images of what I have created.

I would like to also have a for sale or to buy section where I can display pics of items and also a small description etc..

I also would like a page that offers me services and I would like to create a quotation form too.

So far this is what I definitely want... if you have any other suggestions please feel free to tell me.

Kevin - your tutorials are absolutely fantastic - you are very quick clear and precise - I have learnt so much from you in the last 48hrs - I cant believe how much I have absorbed from watching your tutorials.

I hope I can learn and grow with this forum and eventually be able to help others too - I'm so sorry that right now I'm a completely new person to HTML and CSS but I am trying to pick up as much as possible. I hope it becomes a 2nd language to me!!

Thanks so much for your effort and also your time going into these tut's it is greatly appreciated!


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