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 make a user login and profile system
 by greyhood - Oct 15, 2011

hey there,

i first must say i found you on youtube and your tutorials are amazing!

you are very detailed, speaking clearly and move at the perfect pace

my question is somewhat tricky but im sure it's a piece of cake for you.

just a brief intro, the sign up for this site was perfect:

>it asked for my details, username, password, name, etc.
>after i submitted the signup, the page said check my email
>i received my confirmation in my email, and signed up

ok, so i'm building a website for my dumpster install service and need help with the following:

1) i will be using a wordpress theme on my domain, i wish to make a user login and profile page for my clients.
>my site will have a login link and they can login from there and it will go to their profile.

2) i need my clients to make a username and password with an email confirmation link to help prevent spam.
> once they sign up, i want them to be able to make profile details > name, company, phone, etc. and i want to be able to see all users information from my side. (MySQL)

3) once signed up, they must be able to place an order and see it show up in their profile.
> later, they should be able to click that purchase and check "uninstall" and that removes that item from their profile, and also sends me an email so i can go and uninstall their dumpster.

thanks in advance!

 RE: make a user login and profile system
 by RiverCityGraphix - Feb 13, 2012

Im hoping to get some more complex php and mysql member system tutorials out in the future. If I make the series it will cover the basis of what you need. You would still need to look into how to incorporate it into WordPress. Often with WordPress there are plugins that do a lot of stuff for you so I may start by looking there.

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 RE: make a user login and profile system
 by ReekProductions - Apr 16, 2012

YOu can go to and he teaches you to make two different systems a basic system then a really really advanced system but that what I used and it's free

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