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 Issue with creating Database
 by vmisse - Aug 02, 2011

Hey ,
i have a lil issue with my database.I m new in using phpmyadmin and web development. but watching your tutorial help me understanding better what i already read about the subject.
I am trying to create a search database. I have the data and the tables setup. Now i am trying to establish the search part and that where my problems come. I really do not know where to start 1st and which script language do i have to use.

I have an issue with my tables. I created a database with tables and i imported the .csv data for these tables.
But i can only see the 1st row correctly.i used to see the whole date but the date was displaying 0s only. I fixed that part and changed the format from the csv data.That is when the problem started and i have this message about the query:

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/temp/phpUuKBqo' INTO TABLE `Federal Law` FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ENCLOSED BY '"' ESCAPED BY '\\' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'# 98 row(s) affected.

Where can i change and correct this # 98 row? Where can i edit the script to make the whole data appear?

Thanks in advance


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 RE: Issue with creating Database
 by RiverCityGraphix - Aug 03, 2011

For a search script you will want to use PHP and MySQL. You will basically query the database to find all of the the entries that are equal to your searched term. If you do a quick Google Search you should find the notation for that query.

As for your cvs problem. I would go back to where you initially exported that and make your changes. After the cvs is already made you have to be very careful when changing it because one tiny thing can throw everything off.

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 RE: Issue with creating Database
 by vmisse - Aug 03, 2011

Thank you for the answer!i appreciate that.
I fixed the cdv issue. Basically what i did is to change the date format manually on the csv file and put it in a format that can be read by mysql.It worked!
For the search issue i will check on google and try to find the query i need for it since i have the languages to use.


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