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Premiere Pro CS5

NumericStepper Component

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the NumericStepper Component in Flash CS4.

The NumericStepper Component lets you easily add numeric values into your projects. The NumericStepper can be used for ages or selecting the number of items in an order. Any situation that requires a number selection will be best suited with this Flash component.

ActionScript 3.0
petinfo.text = "You Own \n Dogs: 0 \n Cats: 0 \n Fish: 0 \n";
dogs.value = 0;
cats.value = 0;
fish.value = 0;

fish.maximum = 100;

dogs.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, stepperchange);
cats.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, stepperchange);
fish.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, stepperchange);

function stepperchange (event:Event):void{
petinfo.text = "You Own \n";
petinfo.appendText ("Dogs: " + dogs.value + "\n");
petinfo.appendText ("Cats: " + cats.value + "\n");
petinfo.appendText ("Fish: " + fish.value + "\n");

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