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ComboBox Component

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the ComboBox component in Flash CS4.

The ComboBox Component can be very useful to users. You can fit a lot of options into a small place allowing you to maximize your space available. The ComboBox allows for multiple options from a pull down tab. You can have as many or as few as you want and in any order. This Flash component is very useful when creating product pages where there are multiple options. By using multiple ComboBox components, you could have a user select the brand, make, model, and color. Good luck at using the ComboBox Component in Flash.

ActionScript 3.0

combobox.addItem( { label: "Choose a Destination" } );
combobox.addItem( { label: "Beach" } );
combobox.addItem( { label: "Meadow" } );
combobox.addItem( { label: "Mountains" } );
combobox.addItem( { label: "Rain Forest" } );

combobox.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, changeimage);

function changeimage (event:Event):void{
if (combobox.selectedItem.label == "Beach") gotoAndStop(4);
if (combobox.selectedItem.label == "Meadow") gotoAndStop(2);
if (combobox.selectedItem.label == "Mountains") gotoAndStop(3);
if (combobox.selectedItem.label == "Rain Forest") gotoAndStop(5);

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