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Checkbox Component

By: RiverCityGraphix      Views: 3301      Share: Bookmark and Share

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the checkbox component in Flash CS4.

The checkbox is a very useful component in Flash. Many times it is used for building forms. You may want to offer a newsletter and have the checkbox signify that your are going to sign up. You could also use this component for a remember me function on websites. It has many applications, you just need to decide how the checkbox can fit into your current project.

ActionScript 3.0
mytxt.text = "You use...";

photoshopcb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, changelist);
flashcb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, changelist);
illustratorcb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, changelist);
dreamweavercb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, changelist);

function changelist (event:MouseEvent):void{
mytxt.text = "You use...\n";
if(photoshopcb.selected == true) mytxt.appendText(photoshopcb.label + "\n");
if(flashcb.selected == true) mytxt.appendText(flashcb.label + "\n");
if(illustratorcb.selected == true) mytxt.appendText(illustratorcb.label + "\n");
if(dreamweavercb.selected == true) mytxt.appendText(dreamweavercb.label + "\n");

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