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Adobe Production Premium CS5.5

Basic Button Properties. (Rollover, Hit State, etc)

By: RiverCityGraphix      Views: 6208      Share: Bookmark and Share

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make basic buttons with a rollover, down, and hit state in Flash CS3.

Buttons are something that almost every Flash project will include. They are used to start animations and games. They help you to navigate within your flash document, or to other urls. They can initiate just about any action you program them too. With this said, you should probably understand the basics of them. This tutorial shows you how to create them an add some spice to them. you learn about up, down, rollover, and hit states. These will become the basis of your knowledge for buttons in tutorials to come. Learn the basics and you can move on to more advanced and unique buttons in Flash.

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