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Remove Acne in Seconds

By: RiverCityGraphix      Views: 2911      Share: Bookmark and Share

In this tutorial, you will learn how to remove unwanted blemishes, scars, and other debris from your photos in Photoshop CS3.

Just like the title suggests, it does only take seconds to remove acne from an image using Photoshop. Using the healing brush and the clone stamp tool, retouching skin has never been easier. Remember that you want to make sure that the skin looks natural after the retouch. People donít want to see plasticy looking skin. Also, don't limit this tutorial to only retouching acne. This method can be used to remove scars, freckles, eyebrows, etc. I have used the healing brush to remove cracks, crumbs, scratches, and more from my photographs and work. Take your time because Photoshop only allows you to step backwards so far. Happy retouching.


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