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By creating a RiverCityGraphix Account, you hereby must follow the community guidelines that have been set in place. RiverCityGraphix holds the privilege to change any of these guidelines at anytime without notification to the users. It is the users responsibility to stay up to date with the current guidelines.

Racism and Discrimination. Racism and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated on the RiverCityGraphix Website. Any violators will be warned and the comments will be removed. If there is a second offense, the user will be banned from using the RiverCityGraphix Website.

Obscene Language or Images. Please keep all language and visuals at a PG-13 level. Many users of all age groups come for help, so the atmosphere must be preserved as suitable for all ages. Pornography or any other graphic images will not be tolerated and should not be used anywhere on the site.

Harassment and Personal Attacks. Be respectful to everyone on the site. Do not harass other members or attack them or their work personally. Do not spam private messages or pry personal information from users that do not wish to disclose it.

Spam. Basically, do not spam content onto this site. This includes excessive commenting and posting content of little value. Spamming also includes excessively long signature files. If you are spamming content onto the RiverCityGraphix site, the content will be removed and excessive spam may result in account termination.

Self-Promotion. Please do not promote yourself or your business in an inappropriate way through this site. Do not intentionally create posts or comments to try and draw users to your site. Promotion of your site in a forum signature is accepted as well as on your profile.

Etiquette. Please use proper etiquette while using the RiverCityGraphix Website. Make sure and check for issues in spelling and grammar when posting. Please search for topics that are already in discussion before posting duplicate content. Please keep titles short and specific. Also, be descriptive rather it be for giving assistance, or asking for it.

Copyright Infringement. Do not post any content on this website if you do not own the right to it, or have permission by the owner to post it. If you do post content that is not yours, it will be removed. Multiple offences of copyright infringement will result in account termination.